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HUMC Cheer Caravan

HUMC Cheer Caravan

Sunday April 5, 2020 -1pm

Meet in the Church Parking Lot

Help us to spread some cheer in your vehicle! We will we wave, honk, hold up signs, and blow kisses to those in our church family that need a little extra love and cheer right now.  We will have serveral "stops" on our parade route- please check your email for the route and specific instructions Saturday evening. 

We will meet in the church parking lot at 1pm and caravan together.  IMPORTANT- do not exit your vehicle at any time!  It is so tempting to have a physically closer connection but we want to be responsible and keep everyone safe- STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES!! 

It will be PALM SUNDAY- use greenery on your car or wave some greenery out your window to represent the palms. It can be real greenery or get creative and make some palms out of paper or fabric! Signs with messages of hope and love are also encouraged.

If you know someone that would enjoy having the HUMC Cheer Caravan drive by their home, please email Lisa Link at

We hope to do this somewhat regularly! Sign Up:

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