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Meet Our Staff: Sandy Zamito

Sandra (Sandy) Zamito, was hired in September 2017 as a Church Housekeeper. She and Jim Flynn do a wonderful job keeping HUMC clean and inviting. Sandy and her significant other, Greg, live in North Collins. She has two adult daughters. Angelica, her oldest, is attending Niagara University and is studying Nursing. Caramaria, is active on a Gymnastics team and loves to sew! 

Sandy and Greg love to visit parks, enjoying nature and all of its beauty, go antique shopping and spend time with family. Sandy is very devoted to her mother, who is 86 and has health issues. She and Greg spend as much time as they can with Sandy’s mother, Greg’s children and grandchildren and the rest of their families.

Sandy worked as an Assistant to Paralegals for years and then started doing office cleaning ten years ago. The late work hours kept her away from family in the evenings, so when she saw the ad for a housekeeper at HUMC, she thought that would be a good opportunity for her. She really enjoys working at the church. She likes the quiet and peacefulness that is part of her job. It gives her a chance to think and contemplate what is important in her life. Sandy loves children and loves seeing the smiles on the faces of all of the children as they come into the church for Little Lamb Preschool.

One of Sandy’s favorite Bible verses is, 1 Peter 3:8, “Finally, all of you be of compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous.” Sandy enjoys attending the Eden United Methodist Church and meeting people from HUMC as they come in during the day.

Thank you, Sandy, for all that you do! We are very blessed to have you with us! 

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