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2019 Ration Challenge: Day One Recap

I woke up on Sunday June 16, 2019 to my 9 year old daughter bringing my husband breakfast in bed. The smell of hot coffee, chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs, even cooked by a novice chef was NOT how I wanted to start the first day of the Ration Challenge. I had to pass on my daughter's tasty creations and figure out exactly what I could eat.

Along with the supply of rations, Church World Service provides a recipe book with ideas and instructions. What I was not aware of was the advanced prep work required to make a simple recipe.

I had already came up with what I wanted to eat but actually make it was a different story

I had the idea that I would make some Rice Milk Bread toast for breakfast unaware that making that simple bread would require upwards of 3.5 hours to prepare. So my thought of breakfast went right out the window. I wasn't my first time skipping breakfast. When my stomach grumbled, I assured myself I would be just fine, and I was.

I am not completely helpless in the kitchen. I am able to cook for my family on a daily basis, but for the life of me I am not sure if this recipe came out as intended or if I failed.

Rice Milk Bread

The unleavened bread result a pale 6 inch round loaf was crisp on the outside and dense and chewy in the middle. The texture was very unlike bread. I am not sure if I overworked the dough or not. I was unable to accomplish a golden brown finish like the example. I may still have enough flour to try again before the week is out. My Daughter and Husband both tried the bread and thought it was "good" it was just okay- for me. I ate it because I was hungry. I didn't necessarily enjoy it or dislike it either. I have about half a loaf left

Rating: ★★★ 3/5 stars

This recipe also produced a little more than 2 cups excess of "Rice Milk" that I can save to make another batch. I tried to drink it, it was terrible. It's currently sitting in my fridge.

To accompany my rice bread, I made a batch of fried rice. (Most of the recipes are carb-based since rice and flour are cheap, shelf stable and easy to supply) . My husband made the rice for me in our instant pot while I super thinly diced up 2 beef sticks. I am allocated a total of 7 for the week which are an equal substitution for the 4 oz of sardines I passed up.

This was a pretty straight forward and easy to follow recipe. Fry the rice in the oil, add any flavorings you have. I added 2 thinly sliced beef sticks and my only spice for the week.

My only reward for sponsoring myself is that I am allowed to use one singular spice. I opened up my spice drawer and selected the only spice that I have yet to try. One that gifted to me by Maureen Park. I am not sure if this is a "cheat" because I'm sure her homemade spice is a blend. But please allow me this one luxury.

I am not sure if it was the hunger or the fact that it wasn't another bland thing to eat, but I enjoyed the fried rice a bunch. I was not sure if the recipe batch was supposed to be split and saved for another time, but I gobbled it up eagerly. ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Sunday's Meal

Beverages today: Water, water and more water.

Preparations for tomorrow: Soak 3 oz of Chickpeas, in cool water, overnight in the fridge.

In Summary, I felt like I was in control of my hunger even without eating for most of the day until about 15 minutes after I ate the food above. Then I was starving. I think because it's all carb based food that it was just enough to make me feel hungry. I then went to bed hungry and thought often about the people who only have this to eat. Felt a little sad.

If you would like to sponsor me in completing the ration challenge, you can donate online here or you can mail a check payable to:

CWS Ration Challenge

P.O. Box 968

Elkhart, IN 46515


Cristina Glover

Administrative Assistant at  Hamburg United Methodist Church

116 Union St Hamburg NY 14075

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